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Home Mortgage Loans in TN, GA, & AL

Home Rate Mortgage in Chattanooga TN is now doing business as HomeRate Mortgage as of 12/1/2014. Our Team, Location, and number are the same! Call us today at 423-805-9100 to find out, “How much you can SAVE!” or fill out our easy “3-Step Quote” above. You can visit our new website at

Our team of mortgage experts has been saving people money for years.  The question is, “How much will we Save You?” We have saved clients hundreds even thousands of dollars off their monthly payments and  hundreds of thousands of dollars over the life of their mortgage with our EZ Home Refinance program. 

Mortgage Rates are at 50 year historical lows, but they won't stay this low forever!  Don't procrastinate, call one of our Mortgage Specialists for a “Free – No Cost or Obligation Quote today!”

Low Mortgage Rates also means Increased Purchasing Power!  You can buy more house for your money than ever before! Chattanooga has many apartments that charge $1000+ a month to rent.  Why throw away that kind of money on Rent when you can Own?  Check out our mortgage calculators and see for yourself. 

For Example:  A $250,000 new home loan at 4.25% for 30 yrs only has a principle and interest payment of $1,229.85! However, if rates returned back to 6% the same 250,000 new home loan for 30 yrs would have a principle and interest payment of $1,498.88

Loan Amount, Rate, Term

Principle and Interest Payment

Total Re-payback

$250,000, 4.25%, 30yrs fixed



$250,000, 6%, 30yrs fixed



Compare the Difference >>>

$269.03 Higher Payment

$96,850.80 More to Repay

Ensure that your family has the best home loan today!  It only takes 10 minutes with a Home Rate Mortgage Rep to get your Free Quote 423-805-9100. Our 20+ years of local experience and knowledge means you can trust Home Rate Mortgage because our team has proven they can get your new home loan Approved!.

You Talk. We Listen.

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Are you looking to refinance? Use the form within the banner above to see how much lower our rates are than the big banks. Then fill out our application to see if you qualify.
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